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Spooky Hopscotch Doll

by Adela
(Brownsville, TX, USA)

It was the day after my birthday that I got a Hopscotch doll. I played with it all day until my mom told me it was getting late and we had to go to sleep. My sister and I watched T.V. for a while when we needed batteries, so we got the batteries from the doll for the remote. Later that night I couldn't sleep because I felt like something was staring at me or something when I heard "Hopscotch, hopscotch yea!"

I didn't know what to think or say I just lay down frozen. Then again "Hopscotch, hopscotch, yea!" I stood up quickly and shook my sister. I didn't know what to think or say, I just lay down, frozen. Then again "Hop scotch, hop scotch, yea!" I stood up quickly and shook my sister.

"Lucy, get up I think the doll was singing." My sister is a deep sleeper so I guess she didn't hear the doll. "What?" my sister asked. Then, "Hop scotch, hop scotch, yea!" By then my sister understood what I meant and was as scared as me. We both knew that it didn't have batteries because they were in the remote. I turned on the light and then again, "Hopscotch, hopscotch yea!" I didn't know what to do and then my sister said "Get the broom." I didn't understand but I still got it. Then my sister got the broom and caught it by the shirt. We didn't know what exactly to do with it so we put it in the freezer. That night I wasn't able to sleep at all until morning when I heard someone scream. It was my mom. She came into our room holding the doll that was still singing!

My mom ended up throwing the doll in the garbage and since then I've been afraid of dolls.

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Spooky Hopscotch Doll

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Jan 18, 2010
by: chris

it was just faulty wireing in the dol probley toys do that all the time

Oct 20, 2009
i've had a similar experience
by: jessi

when i was younger my sister and i had something like this happen to us, only it occured over the course of a few nights. the doll wasn't talking but it was moving. no one believed us because of the darn chucky movies, but it was true!

Sep 12, 2009
true story
by: moonlight

i beleave it and i have a porcelin doll that haunted me two. also ive got haunted by a lot of things. i tell my haunted storys on my myspace so people would know what happen to me.

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