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Spooked in a County Jail in Washington state.

by Robert Waller
(Oklahoma City, OK, USA)

I was in a county jail as a prisoner in Spokane, Washington in Febuary 1970. I was in a jail cell with another prisoner for a few days who got out shortly afterward. We were the only prisoners in the whole jail. The jail was over a hundred years old made out of rock.

The same day he got out, at lights out about 9-10 p.m., I heard a real loud shrill of a whistle in the jail cell, with no explanation to date. There were no witnesses as I was by myself.

I will take this to my grave and before God.

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Spooked in a County Jail in Washington state.

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Sep 26, 2011
Spooked in Co. Jail in Goldendale, Washington
by: Mike Horn

I was the one spooked in the county jail 1970 in Goldendale, Washington. My cousin and I were in jail together for a few days. The night after he got out, and me being in the whole jail-"all by myself," I heard a "very loud shrill of a whistle." I told this same story to many people for years, for over 40 years-many times. To this date it is unexplainable. I will take this to my grave, and before God, Jesus, and the rest of the Judges.

Look up my jail record there yourself, my name is Mike Horn and I am from Montana. My cousin's name is (Ted) Theodore Horn, and he is from Spokane, Washington.

May 21, 2011
by: Anonymous

I live in Washington state. (2 hrs south of Spokane)

May 20, 2011
Loud Shrill Of A Whistle While All Alone In Old Jail
by: Anonymous

This exact same thing happened to me too, with the same description of an old rock jail. Same scenario year, same month, same year to the tee, same shrill of a very loud whistle in the pitch dark jail cell about 9-10 just after lights out. Only this happened to me at the Klickitat County jail in Golden Dale, Washington.

May 03, 2011
I believe you
by: Anonymous

Jail was probably closing down, is that why you were the last guy there? I believe you because I've heard that kind of whistling myself. From right out of the air in front of me in the kitchen of our house in Dublin, when I was a child..

My experience ended with the door slamming closed and locking me inside until my mum came and got me. It's very hard to explain how a whistling screech can't be so awful, but I knew it was something strange and dreadful like I'm sure you knew too hearing it. But I guess your doors were all already locked so it couldn't do more than sound its frustrated loud whistling!!

I believe it's an elemental spirit of anger and frustration that builds doing negative damage around it until it breaks or is released in some way. A prison is obviously a place where such a spirit would grow and thrive. Perhaps it being empty of other inmates released something in it .. Or made it angry.

Did you hear it again, or just the one loud whistle? Ive heard this kind of story from a few other people over the years and it is remarkable how the people are usually alone in a quiet environment when they hear this sound.

Thank you for an interesting account...

Apr 20, 2011
by: Anonymous

It was just a whistle. Your story seems very vague as you were saying you were the only person inside the jail. Jails are packed, and I know you claim this was back in 1970. How were you the only one in the jail? There had to have been guards and other staff, anyone could have made a whistling noise by choice.

Apr 05, 2011
by: Anonymous


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