Shadow People

by Justine M
(Washington, New Jersey, USA)

One night in my house I was up late watching TV with my little sister and it was Independence Day because it was 12:03 am on July 4th. As you know, people died on that day.

So I was going upstairs to go to bed. My little sister went to go turn off the light by the front door and when she did I saw a blackish brown figure go running into the living room next to the front door at full speed. I was terrified!! I went into the room and saw it standing by the far wall just staring at me! It was a humanly figure. I screamed quietly trying not to wake my mom so she wouldn't come down and see me crying my eyes out. I ran as fast as I could up the stairs leaving my little sister at the bottom of the steps curious as to what I had seen. She ran behind me noticing I was crying. She asked what had happened and I refused to tell her to prevent further nightmares. From that day on I have always been scared to be down stairs without my mom or dad. I have always felt like someone was watching me in my house every night from then on.

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