Rosalie plantation ghost

by Vicki
(Houma, Louisiana, USA)

Rosalie ghost??

Rosalie ghost??

My family and I went to Natchez, Mississippi. We toured the Rosalie Plantation. I decided to snap a picture of the side of the home, not expecting to catch anything and this is what I got. I know there was a war on the grounds back in the 1700's and there was a lot of bloodshed. I am curious as to who this is in the window??? The neat thing about the photo is that this side of the house is facing the war ground. Look in the upper right side window. If you zoom in, you will see the face of a confederate soldier.

Folks, Vicki didn't know how to enlarge this photo for you, so I cropped it and adjusted the contrast in the area, so you can see more clearly what she sees. Could this be the ghost of a Confederate soldier?