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Room For One More Sir...Room for one more.

by George
(A small town in Ireland that an author once wrote a book about.)

There once was a young author who was an amazing writer. He had published many books and was just about to write another about a place in Ireland.

He went over to Ireland to research the place and the people who lived there, so his book would be accurate. He got over and decided to treat himself, so he booked the biggest house in the small town. The house was massive, it had 20 bedrooms 10 living rooms and a massive front garden. He loved it!

One night just as he was falling asleep on the sofa he heard horses outside in the garden, so he got up and went to investigate. He opened the solid oak door and there was a man in a carriage with two horses pulling it. In the back of the carriage were two coffins, but there was enough room for one more. The man in the carriage said to the young man "Room for one more sir. Room....for....one....more." Then he simply disappeared into thin air. The author closed the door and that night he didn't get to sleep.

The same man was staying in a hotel that I live near, too. Now he is older about 70 or 80 and couldn't walk up or down stairs so to get to his room he had to take the lift. He was out one day for a lunch meeting with an old friend and was walking into the reception. The lift was closing and there was a lot of people in it, but a young man pushed the button to keep it open and shouted to the author "Room for one more sir. Room....for....one....sir!" The old man was petrified and refused to get in the lift. The young man stopped pushing the button and the lift doors closed.

The lift went up to the 10th floor and then the wire holding it together snapped. It fell 10 stories to the reception and everyone in the lift was killed including the young man.

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