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Riverdale Road, There Is Something Evil Down There

by John

Something is down that road. And it's something of great evil, I personally feel. One night, a few years ago, I was driving down the road of course with my video camera. And yes, being a former EMT I can drive and record. Now if one knows the area, 128th Avenue goes forward into it, by the golf coarse and the million dollar homes. I live just five minutes away, off of Colorado Blvd.

It was a school night at college, and I decided to take a cruise on a dare. Late at night I got on the road. Now let me remind you, I'm a person with an outstanding driving record and formerly an EMT. I'm driving down the road with my camera and I'm going slow. I drove going north on the road, in search of the "gates of hell," when out of nowhere my camera turns into a grey and white fuzz and has a noise to it. I pull the car over and park, so I can examine the camera.

As I park, I notice this creepy feeling, like I was being watched. I felt someone hover over me. Or maybe the heebie jeebies were setting in.

That's when it came, I saw it, or maybe it was a shadow. Behind the car there was a figure. It appeared to be a dark-robed figure. Right behind the car.

I tried to start the car immediately, but it stuttered and puttered. Before this, I never had any problems. I drove it all the way to 160th Ave trying to drive as fast as possible.

I quickly took a right towards Highway 85. I pulled over before I got to the highway. Got out, checked under the hood of the car. Couldn't find anything major wrong.

As I get back to the driver's door. I see hand prints all over the rear end. I get in and drive off immediately. I was not prepared to take 124th Ave, so I drove the car down 85 and onto Highway 70. And then to Washington Blvd then North to home.

Now let me remind you, my car was brand new two years before I took this drive. And this was a few years ago. I get home, go to bed. And have my best friend who works for Volkswagen come over.

He spent a week looking at my car tearing it apart. These are all the things that were broken.

Gas pump, tubing in engine was split, brand new clutch was worn down and scratched. Disk plate inside the clutch was split in half. Amongst several other things.

The car I had before this was my first car since high school, I'm 35 now. This incident happened a few years ago.

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