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LEFT for ghostsandstories.com

RedSkins Grandfather and His Brothers-in-law Want Their Story Told

by Topatoya
(Lumberton, NC, USA)

This is Just One of Many

This is Just One of Many

My grandfather was a Lumbee Indian he and his brothers-in-law started an American Indian lodge in the mid 1900's called Red Man Lodge. My grandfather and the boys spent their entire life fighting the US Congress and Calvary for Federal Recognition for the tribe. Our rights as American Indians were stolen along with our homeland by the US Calvary. When the US Calvary came to our home in the Robeson county Swamp we were all most wiped out. The U.S Calvary called a ceasefire and sent agents into our homeland with a peace treaty for our people to sign but the Lumbee would not sign the treaty and would not surrender to them. The U.S Calvary let their agent kidnap our children and held them hostage to get the Lumbee Fathers to take them to the Lumbee hideouts, strongholds. After murdering thousands the Lumbee tribe decided to disband and meet in another location to keep the U.S Calvary from wiping out our tribe. My grandfather and his brother-in-law stayed in Robeson County and became night angels. They killed hundreds of white people and the Calvary could not find them and could not prove it was them. My grandfather and his brothers-in-law all died natural deaths and they died without their heritage and the recognition as a people. They haunt me all the time and they follow me everywhere I go.