Redfield Ghost

My sister had just moved into a house that spooked me right from the start.

I found a box from a Ouiji board in the upstairs and was freaked out about what the earlier tenants practiced. I was always taught that it was the work of the devil.

The power was not turned on in my sister's name yet, so it was dark. My mother thought that my sister and I should spend the night there with the kids even though there was no electricity. I said, "No way!"

This house was on a dead end road in the middle of no where.

I was mostly comfortable in the living room while my sister favored the upstairs. The basement was off limits to the both of us.

After a couple of weeks my sister became seriously ill. Her children would run up the street and she was too ill to chase them. Her cats were found dead near an opened jar of grease which she remembered closing.

Her dog was in the basement during these two weeks and barked a lot at nothing.

My mother and father came and got my sister and her family from that place and took my sister to the doctor's and she was found to be severely dehydrated.

Our mother collected their belongings from that house and was very weary of doing it because it was an old house set up where you can't see from one room to the next. Thank goodness nothing happened to her.

That house still sits empty till this day.

Sometimes on a dare we still visit it and it still looks evil!

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Redfield Ghost

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Dec 23, 2010
Top 3 Most Scary Legends
by: Natalie Jones

The Top 3 Most Scary Urban Legends & How To Do Them:

1.Bloody Mary: Go into the bathroom, lock the door amd turn off the lights. Spin around while saying Bloody Mary 3 times. A woman will appear covered in blood.

2.Robert the Doll: It's mostly like the Bloody Mary legend. You should see Robert the Doll in the mirror after you do all the turning around and stuff. But be careful, because if Robert appears in the mirror, he WILL kill you. The light will not turn on so open the door and run into a bright spot in your house because he's going to come out to murder you.

Effect: After you do the Robert legend and you escape, he will keep trying to kill you at around midnight.

3. Candyman: Exactly like both the legends. Go into the brightest spot in your house because he will kill you.

If you wanna stay alive,I wouldn't do any of these legends!

-Natalie Jones

Mar 15, 2009
by: Anonymous


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