Purple Door

by Ranne
(Newark CA USA)

I walk home from my job at the book store five days a week. Janis Books and Things is a great job and I can read all the books I want. My route home is always the same, the corner store and old movie theater have been here forever. I enjoy the walk and the view is always beautiful.

One sunny day in March as I walked by the old theater I noticed a door off to the side of the building. I had not noticed this door before and I have walked this same route for going on two years now. The oddest thing, the door was a very lovely purple in color. Never have I seen a purple door, or one as lovely. Of course I stopped and had to check it out. I looked all around it, tried to look in a small window near the purple door and saw nothing. I knocked, put my ear towards the purple door and listened, nothing. I really wanted to go inside and look but the purple door was locked. I kept walking and kept thinking about the purple door all the way home. That evening I dreamt of a purple door, when I opened the door in my dream there was a warm soft light glowing all around me and the smell of lemons.

I awoke feeling rested and very hungry. After a yummy breakfast of blueberries and wheat toast and a big hot strong cup of coffee I was ready to head off to Janis Books and Things. On the way I looked for the purple door but was shocked that I could not find it at all. The purple door was gone, never did it appear again. Many days on my way to and from Janis I would look for the purple door, nothing. It really freaks me out, was it all just in my head, my dreams or was it real and if it is real where the heck did it go?

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