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LEFT for ghostsandstories.com

Possible Ghost In Broad Daylight

by Harvey Althaus
(South San Francisco, CA, USA)

In Broad Daylight. . . . What's that, a ghost?

In Broad Daylight. . . . What's that, a ghost?

In Broad Daylight. . . . What's that, a ghost? Negative of a Ghost in Broad Daylight

My youngest daughter's 4th grade class went on a 3 day 2 night field trip to the James Marshall Gold Discovery State Park in Coloma, California where the gold rush started in 1849.

They learned many things about how people lived and survived in the gold country on a daily basis. It was more or less a total hands on history lesson and all the children who went had a great time.

The day before departure, my daughter took a picture of James Marshall's original house. The first picture was just of the front and this is a picture of her standing on the porch in front of the door. The camera used was one of the 35mm throw-aways. Her teacher took the picture for her. The teacher's finger blur can be seen in the top right of the photo, and my daughter is somewhat fuzzy but you can see everything.

The pictures were developed at Walgreens and I have the untouched negative. I have no idea what the white smoky looking image is in the window on the right, but it shows up on the negative looking like a person standing inside looking out.

The house is locked and no one can enter. You just pass by it on the historical walk. I had a person who knows about film developing check it out and he just scratched his head. He told me that in order to get a white-ish thing on a picture, most of the time it has to be scratched in and that is not this case, especially when it is on the negative and can be seen behind the window cross bars inside the building.

Anyone have any idea as to what this could be, I would appreciate the feedback.

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Possible Ghost In Broad Daylight

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Jul 29, 2011
Sure looks like one!!
by: crlwllns

So, it's that "smoky light brownish anomaly on the right, & inside the window"? Most may say it's a reflection. But what about the wood holding the window panes together? Reflections don't do this.

I have almost 2 dozen videos, of "Ghosts in Broad Daylight", on my YouTube channel. They're titled differently throughout the channel. I found all my images on Google street view, so you know they're for real.

I have found that this phenomena comes in different shades. Some are black, others are brownish gray, to light brownish gray, to gray, & all up to bright white & clear! Yet, haven't we all, been taught from birth, that they're just dust?? HOW, would we ever KNOW, where Spirit goes!
Haven't we all, being kept in the dark?

Some are "reflected light off a solid micro surface". While still others, are the real thing!
I found that "by pausing throughout the video, frame by frame & looking for slight variations in shape & texture, can one discern between the real ghost/spirit, an a regular speck of dust". A flat reflection, is just that. And has a sharp edge.
While Spirits, are slightly blurry & have more substance, than a reflected image. Not all, "look like Casper the Friendly Ghost"! Some do though.

Many may not know how to manifest their former human shape, & show up as orbs. They can be between -2" round, & up to 50+ feet on diameter, or more. Yet usually look just like circles/orbs. If/when visiting YouTube, just put my name in the search engine. I made the videos, so others may have them for high quality content for their blogs/web pages. Mine are all for free. Except ones from 360 cities. And yours? "Sure looks like one"!

Oct 14, 2010
Adding to it
by: Anonymous

To add food for thought about the picture. if you look at the next, in the left window. it looks as if someone is standing inside. But on the normal picture itself I cant make out what is in the window. My guess is it a reflection of some one. But the figures don't match up, when compared.

May 31, 2010
Response to the last comment.
by: H. Althaus

This isn't a reflection. The reason is that if it was just a reflection it wouldn't show up on the negative. I have that confirmed by a film specialist. I can only have one picture on this site at a time or otherwise I would include the negative. I also have a picture that was taken 3 seconds after this one same exact angle, the only thing missing is my daughter and the white thing isn't there. Thank you for your comment though.

May 30, 2010
Its a reflection
by: Anonymous

Its a reflection

Apr 26, 2010
Why Not?
by: Stephanie

That could possibly be a ghost, and if the door was locked, and your daughter isn't freaked out or anything, then I would say you've got a real ghost picture! Real? Why not?

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