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Police Camps and Ghosts

by Tan Yue Ling

"Officer, I beg of you! You have to get me out of here! Please, officer!" I was close to tears as I relived what horror I had experienced since the start of this camp.

"Dear Recruit Jacqueline, I'm am very sure you knew what to expect when you joined the police force. Camps. More camps. Oh, the horror." the officer lamented with his mustache twitching about as he spoke.

There was absolutely no use telling the officer. Zero use, I say. I had immediately regretted my decision of becoming a police officer the moment I saw the seniors smoking and slacking off. But this camp, was truly, the horror.

It is even hard to speak when I think about what had happened to me over the past few days of the camp. It had all started out with my partner running into the dorm and screaming his lungs out, claiming some sort of 'soul' was chasing after him, and that he did not do anything wrong. Me, being truly sensible at that time, told him off and said it was nonsense.

However, things started to change. While I was walking in down the hallway to the washroom in the next wing of the camp buildings, I heard footsteps. And it definitely was extraordinary, as what I had heard were clearly footsteps of high-heeled shoes.

At that moment, I really was too scared to look back, in case I saw something I did not want to see. However, being the all sensible person I was, I reasoned out to myself," There ARE NO SUCH THINGS AS GHOSTS, Jacquelin! I know this camp is tiring and it's getting to you but you have to pull yourself together!"

To sort of 'unconfirm' my suspicions, I took my comb out of my pocket. It had a build-in mirror. I swallowed the imaginary stone in my throat and with all the courage I could master, I held the mirror out to my side.

Guess what I saw?

I'm definitely not going to make this an anti-climax thing. I really, and definitely saw a woman. A woman with bright red hair. The colour of blood. And I had confirmed it with my own eyes. I could not even turn around as fear grabbed hold of me.

Right at that moment, holding both of my arms tight, trying to keep the goosebumps in, I ran for MY LIFE one round around the wall and back to my camp building wing, right back into the the dorm room. I saw my partner sleeping peacefully on her bed and due to the shock and my weak body, I fainted on the spot.

So right here and right now, let me warn you. If you are a complete sensible person like me, don't learn the supernatural the hard way. It is safe to believe it right now.

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