Orbs around my 4yr old daughter

by Nikki
(Cayce, SC )

This is my daughter standing in the extra bedroom in my parents' house. Friends that told me these were orbs gave me different explanations. The extra bedroom happens to be the bedroom of my grandmother, who passed in December of 2001. All of her furniture is still in this room. One individual informed me they were orbs and asked if she has "the gift". I told her I was not sure but there was this one time, in my bedroom, in my house that out of the blue she just yelled out "Get out of my Mommy's room". She also speaks of people who do not exist. I always thought that was normal of little children who have active imaginations. Another friend also pointed out there were orbs in the picture and that she thinks it's her angel because the wings can be seen to the left of the television.