Orb Angel

by Janis A
(Milton, WV, USA)

This pic was taken at my boyfriends' parents home in Ohio. It was taken with a high grade digital camera, and the picture that was taken only a second before it showed nothing. I've been doing some ghost hunting on my own for a while now (I'm somewhat sensitive to the paranormal myself), and I have learned the difference in orbs (the dust particles being more transparent and red to yellow in color) but I have never come across an orb as bright as this one is. There were no other camera flashes going on at the time the photo was taken. And due to the bright blues and whites of the orb, a friend of mine believes it to be one of my infant sons' angels. My boyfriend's parents have told me stories about a ghost they believe haunts their old house, calling him Uncle Henry, so this might also be Uncle Henry wanting to be in this family picture. It could also be a grandmother, who passed a short time ago. Her belongings are upstairs in one of the bedrooms, and I strongly felt her presence while I was up there.