Omni Paranormal Society

The Omni Paranormal Society is a volunteer paranormal research team. Omni Paranormal has both a West Coast Chapter located in the Southern California region, and an East Coast Chapter located in New Jersey.

Our teams are comprised of both skeptics and believers, enabling us the benefit of bringing our clients unbiased post-investigative analysis. We consistently focus our research on our client's needs and that of the spirit realm. We honor the catchall phrase "ghosts were people too", and have committed our approach and method to incorporate the two perspectives holistically.

We also believe our clients should continue to benefit in their post-investigative phase by receiving continued support from our team. We guarantee continued support and will continue to work with our clients as long as the need is there.

Over the years we have recognized the need to expand our research into relevant paranormal arenas associated with ghost phenomena. We have now adapted our research to include the study of psychokinesis, telekinesis, cryptozoology and clairvoyance.

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