Not A Ghost...A Saint

by Akiko

When I was three years old, my mother, grandmother and I, went to a nearby church to pray. I carried my favorite Hello Kitty bag along with me.

We were the only ones in there. I was wandering around and looking at the beautiful scenery.

Then I saw a person, a guy. I can not remember his appearance but I knew he wasn't just an ordinary person.

He asked for my Hello Kitty bag and I gave it to him. He laid it on the floor and he said, 'Ok.' Then my mother called out my name. After that, I realised that the guy wasn't there anymore and my bag was on my shoulder.

My mother asked what was I doing, all she saw was a statue in front of me. That was strange because instead of a statue, it was replaced by a guy.

I knew what was going on. I was visited by someone special...a saint had come to touch my heart.

I guess my mother prayed very hard because just a few years ago, I had an operation on my right kidney.

It was an angel that touched my heart...

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