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My Friend Became a Werewolf....

by Rudy



My friend Tashi Dorjee is a Werewolf. Many times I was in doubt at collage hour and still in our room he acts like a animal. The real strange is that he eats raw meat of ox and pigs. I saw him eating the raw meat several times but I thought that it was just a habit to eat raw meat.

But the real thing happened on Wednesday, 4th February 2000. At that time it was totally amazing thing and a normal human being can't do this.
We were going to our friend's house for dinner, when suddenly my friend Dorjee acted like a dog. He ran away and I tried to stop him but couldn't. I can't catch him.

And I was amazed with his behavior. I called another friend and we all tried to search for him, but we can't find him. So at last we return to our room that time. My friend Dorjee was there inside the room. He was sleeping.

Me and my other friends was totally surprised about it.

Then we made a plan to see what's wrong with him. We tried to take him to the doctor but he doesn't want to go anywhere for a long time. His eyes were changed I was thinking he had putted a lens. So I was afraid of too much with my friend. I don't want to lose him. So I went to the Professor in college and have a discussion on it and Professor told me this is not a normal case and we all want to know about it.

It was on 22nd/July/2000, Saturday Time, 12:15 p.m. That night there was a full moon. We all made a plan that we will see what's going on with him. During the day one of my friends and I fitted a camera on the room and outside. I told Dorjee that I was going to my girlfriend's house and tonight I will not come back. He told me okay and he hugged me.

So my Professor, my friend and I came at night at that time we saw such a dangerous things which I had never thought in my life. My friend shouted like an wolf which was gone make a very deadly shouts on the time.

I was afraid enough and we all returned back and we can't see anything so next day I return to my room he was sleeping. At time I took out the cameras and replay the videos but I can't see anything in the video but the outside of the room.

There I was with the automatic camera and I saw this picture. My hand was shaking like a vibrating mobile. That picture was totally dangerous I can't even say that he was my friend Dorjee.

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My Friend Became a Werewolf....

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Aug 18, 2010
by: dadamm

It needed the part of the video where he was werewolf. Don't tell me that that was the picture at the top XD

But good story

Apr 03, 2010
I feel ya dude.
by: Anon

My friend is a werewolf too.We noticed changes in him,and gradully it worried us,one day he was late for PE and when he came in,his girlfriend(my bff) asked where he was,I stood off to the side.I noticed he got nervous and hid his right arm behind his back.I followed him all day and eventully he skipped class,which is what i do.He sat in the lounge and pulled up his sleeve,I could see a large bite mark.I went to the school library and asked the librarian (which was my moms boyfriend haha,but he's cool) did he have any books on werewolves and he said yes and we researched.I had told him about my friend knowing that he wasn't like my mom and believed in this stuff.We observed him that evening during study,and before sundown he hurried off.I nodded at the librarian and followed.I saw him change into a wolf and run off.I ran back and told him what I saw.We had to tell his girlfriend and we(well I,they were afraid)confronted him.Now he's happy we know and actually thankful I pryed into his secret haha.(It sounds a bit like Buffy but I swear this is true,we live in Ireland so yeah big difference):D

Mar 15, 2010
by: I'm not giving you my name

Your friend is not a werewolf, if anything he's been possesed by a demon.

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