Man Leaning on Gravestone

by Nick

Graveyard Man (two graves to the right of the big tree)

Graveyard Man (two graves to the right of the big tree)

This picture was taken at Chaldon Church, Chaldon, Surrey, reportedly the second most haunted graveyard in England. The church itself is at least 800 years old, and is on route of the Canterbury tails. The church itself is situated in the middle woods, which are surrounded by fields, with only a few houses nearby. My friend and I had stopped by for 10 mins to take some pictures to see if anything would come up. We were not expecting anything much, as it was around 3 pm and we were only there for around ten minutes. My friend is a trainee photographer and has a 11-mega pixel camera. I however am not a photographer and had a cheap 4-mega pixel camera, of which produced no pictures of ghosts or apparitions.

In this picture, if you look at the large tree in the middle, follow across to the right 2 gravestones, you will see a man (or boy) standing behind a gravestone, (the gravestone behind the flat grave with a large cross on it). You can quite clearly make out this ghostís hands, collar, head, and general outline, but when you zoom in, you even make out his eyes, nose and large mouth which seems to slightly smiling, and the eyes seem to be almost looking directly back at the camera, as if he could see us. This is only the second time my friend and I have tried to capture ghosts on camera, and itís the second time we have had such amazing results.

We have decided to return to the graveyard at night, preferably after midnight, with a high-quality video camera, and his 11-mega pixel camera, which is apparently a ghost magnet. If we do capture anything, I will be sure to post it. Finally we took another picture in this graveyard where you can clearly make out a manís face, but I may not post it as you have to zoom in to see it, and I donít know how to save it as a zoomed in picture!

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