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LEFT for ghostsandstories.com

Lost girl

by Roy Moenkhoff
(Mount Vernon, Missouri)

In the first part of August 2007 our group was doing an investigation of a local cemetery. We had been there a couple of times before and had only gotten orbs. I was working in the back part of the cemetery with my laser thermometer checking for cold spots. I found a spot that was reading about 73 degrees when the rest of the area was coming in at about 82. So I took 2 pictures with my Sony Magical digital camera. I use it on alot of investigations because it uses the small CD disks to store the pictures so it's hard to fake a photo taken with it.

I didn't see anything unusual when I took the photos just noted the temperature difference. When I got back to our group leader's house I looked at the pictures I had taken and many of them had orbs just like before, but when I got to the ones I took at the back of the cemetery, I saw I had captured a shadow person. From the looks of the picture I believe it to be of a girl about 15 wearing either a jacket or dress and tights, which were common dress in our area before the turn of the century.

In the area of the cemetery where I captured the images there are several tombstones, which have been broken off, and it is my opinion that this girl belongs to one of those graves and wants someone to replace her stone. Unfortunately there are not many records for that cemetery and there are several graves of both yellow fever and Spanish flu victims who were buried only according to their last names. We are conducting ongoing investigations in this cemetery and I'll post any new evidence we capture.