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Look Out!

by Paris D
(Denver, Colorado)

Two years ago, I came back home from boarding school in Europe, to find out that my parents were getting a divorce. My father was going to move out soon and I decided I wanted to live with him. Two weeks later we were moved into a two-story house in Denver. Except one day while my father was out working late and his fiance Des was out on business in New York I was home alone.

I really hated being alone at night in this house. The house seemed larger than it really was when I was alone.

I was sitting in the living room flipping through the channels at 7:00 at night with the lights on when I heard the doorbell ring. I almost sprinted to the door to find that there was no one there.

On my way back to the living room I picked up the house phone and called my dad asking him if I could invite a friend to keep me company. He agreed and said he would be home a little later than he had intended. I immediately called my best friend and she was at my house in seconds.

I told her about what had just happened with the doorbell but she had reassured me it was nothing but kids fooling around.

Later that night I had started to drift asleep while Brooke was watching some stupid movie when the doorbell rang again. This time Brooke answered it and yelled for me to come. I walked slowly to the door and gasped when I saw what was before me.

Lying on my front porch was Matt, my neighbor's 16 year old son, covered in blood. He was not dead but he had a hard time breathing. Brooke walked outside to see if there was anyone around but the street was empty. I rushed into the house and dialed 911.

While waiting for the police and ambulance Matt had slowly began to open his eyes. But he kept repeating "Look out!" Soon the police and ambulance had arrived and that attracted the attention of most of the neighbors. Brooke's mom was on her way as was my dad.

The rest of the week the police were investigating and I had found out that in the early 1800's a young boy was found brutally murdered on our property. But one thing I still don't know is what Matt meant by "Look out!" Although I used to ask him often what he meant he cannot remember

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