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Jesse James' Victims or Slave Ghosts?

by Mac
(Louisville, KY, USA)

One night, about three days ago, I was in the kitchen alone washing dishes, when all of a sudden, I heard a crash behind me.

A shelf had fallen and everything that had once been on the shelf, was now scattered on the floor. We had been hearing strange noises, but had made up excuses for everything. Until the next morning when my mom was working in the home office and she heard someone talking from the kitchen. She said she heard a woman say, "Hello, is anybody home???"

She ran into the kitchen but when she got there, the door was still locked and our border collie was just sitting there, staring at nothing, with his head cocked. We are totally freaked out.

We know of two things that could be haunting our house. Out back of our house is a train track that Jesse James had robbed trains on. Maybe one of his victims is haunting us. The other suspect, is former slaves that founded our street and our land. Out back of our house, there are also slave walls built by slaves who were later freed and bought land.

I don't know, but we are scared.

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Richmond Haunting

by Jason
(Richmond, Kentucky, USA)

Thereís an old plantation house that sits off Main Street in Richmond, Kentucky. When I was thirteen I had my first ghostly encounter there myself and a two of my friends heard some ghost stories about it

One night me and my buddies decided to go check this abandoned house out. We explored all the rooms in the house and the whole time we were in the house I felt if someone was watching me/following me. I had a feeling the whole time like we were not wanted there. I had a chill that ran up my back and made my hair stand up.

When I went to go into a parlor to enter the basement and the door slammed shut! It scared us so bad we took off running and as we were running to the back of the house to leave, all the doors in the house started slamming. The only piece of furniture in the whole house was this old wicker wheel chair and it was rolling toward us. As I was running through the field that runs behind the house, I saw the figure of a man looking at me out of the top window.

I had nightmares about that place for months. I havenít been back since but I've heard other stories about this eerie house. Just recently someone purchased the house and are remodeling it. I only wonder if the new owner knows what lurks inside!

Name of actual property was removed from this story to protect the safety and privacy of its owners and our visitors.

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