K & K Ghost Hunters

by Kim and Kym Rouleau
(Freedom, Wisconsin, USA)

My name is Kym, my husband shares the same name (Kim) only I dropped the "i" and put a "y" in place of it, less confusion that way!

My interest in the paranormal started back when I was 11 (1971, do the math!). I have had so many paranormal experiences; from being touched, to seeing spirits, too numerous; however at some point I will start with one event at a time starting at age 11.

I have always believed that the physical world and the spirit world are only separated by a thin veil, I believe once people can really open themselves up that there is indeed life after death; that our physical bodies die but our soul, our spirit lives on forever. I have also been drawn to cemeteries, still am; not to be funny, but they really are very peaceful. I find myself walking among the departed wondering what their lives were like while in their physical body. My husband Kim lost his sister, they were very close, at the exact moment of her passing Kim bolted upright in bed, wide awake he saw his sister's spirit float into his room, he said she looked beautiful, and without any verbal words (only thoughts) she said she was happy, not to worry and she felt better than she had ever felt. This incident put my husband at peace with the loss, of course he still misses her, but he knows she is in a very good, happy place.

My grandmother came to visit me when she passed; I asked her for a sign to let me know if she was okay and happy, she literally passed through my body, my hair stood on end, I smelled her favorite perfume, this experience left my heart light and confirmed to me she was no longer suffering and that she was happy and will always be with me; I have not cried for her since. Grandma is always here with me; always guiding me and sending me messages, it's awesome!

My husband and I don't have a Ghost Hunting group per se, however I have gotten him extremely interested, I've purchased a digital camera and a digital voice recorder, they are the extent of my equipment. I feel we do not need an EMF detector, or infrared camera, or a thermal imaging; we FEEL when a spirit is near us!

I will be posting a photo we took just last week; right before I shot it my husband said to me; "Honey, take a picture right over there" pointing in the direction he wanted me to take the picture; he had a strong feeling that a spirit was right in front of him, I walked over and took the picture.

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