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ITC TV Screen Photo, Using 11 Mega Pixel Camera

by Nick

ITC Picture One

ITC Picture One

(Folks, this is an unusual set of pictures. Please read the post below and offer any comments you might have as to whether or not you feel these pics are paranormal. Enjoy! I have my opinion, but am submitting this for our visitors to determine. –Brenda, Webmaster)

My friend and I were watching a video on the internet about ITC (Instrumental Transcommunication), which is where you can take a series of pictures of your television in the stand-by mode with a very good camera, and occasionally you may see figures or people in the pictures even though the screen is on stand-by and appears blank to the human eye.

The other method is one we haven’t tried, involves a video camera and is far more reliable. Whilst I was watching the video on the internet, my friend, a trainee photographer, decided to take a series of pictures of his TV screen in stand-by, even though he remained skeptical. After maybe 10 or 11 photos, he had no luck, just pictures of a blank TV screen and reflections of the room on the front of it, so I told him to close the curtains to remove any direct natural daylight. He then took one more picture from straight in front of the TV, and saw on the digital camera screen there was a clear human silhouette on it, which is the first picture I have posted.

He looked more than shocked and confused and I told him to immediately take another shot at a slightly different angle, which is the second picture I have posted. The second picture sent shivers down my spine as you could quite clearly see a boy’s eyes, nose and mouth, and a strange background of light and shadows. My friend refused to look at the pictures again until he uploaded them onto his computer. He certainly refused to take any more, as these were taken on the TV in his bedroom.

If you look closely around the edges of the photos you will see the plastic outline of the TV screen. Believe it or not, these photos are 100% genuine, and have changed the way I look at the world forever. They got me and my friend interested in maybe somehow capturing more ghosts. This was the first time we tried (even though by accident almost) amazingly the second time we tried we had equally amazing results, as shown in my third and fourth pictures posted, in reportedly the second most haunted church in Britain, Chaldon Church in Chaldon (near Caterham), Surrey.