Imo Cemetery Ghost Investigation

by Kayla S
(Enid, Oklahoma, USA)

Demon Baby

Demon Baby

We, being a few friends and I, had planned out a ghost hunt for about a week. The day finally came, and we were all excited. It was to be about 6 or 7 miles out from town, in a very secluded cemetery that we expected to search for the other-worldly. I of course didn't expect much from it, but when I came back to look at the pictures I had taken, I was very surprised.

We had already come to the cemetery during the daylight of the day before the hunt. We knew the area, we saw every tombstone that was there, and predicted the hot spots. We weren't necessarily wrong about those, but we did find another. This area of the picture I had no idea was going to come out like this.

I had noticed this strange figure the day after our ghost hunt. I was reviewing the pictures on my digital camera, and saw it. It was quite awkward knowing that I had taken it, and hadn't even edited it or anything at all.

This is the true picture of what I had captured that night, and it is one of the most overwhelming of any I have ever taken.

Anyways, please enjoy! Behold what I have concluded to be, a demon child.


Under my reviewing of the picture, I have found it has a tail, a face, a wing, and a body. There is a blue orb next to it as well as what appears to be a tombstone, but the thing is, there were no tombstones behind that particular one in the picture, except for the tall one to the left. Weird huh?

The only editing that have have done to this particular picture, was blowing up the cut out figure and pasted it back into the picture to show it to you close up.