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House Warming

by Jennifer W
(Southport, England)

What is believed to be Charles Malchover, a european scientist.

What is believed to be Charles Malchover, a european scientist.

It sounds clichéd when I say, we moved into an old Victorian house; but we did 3 weeks ago.

My sister, Mum and I viewed the property several times before buying as we wanted to see the condition of the house, as it hadn’t been lived in for just less than 2 years. Not finding any problems or major repair situations we where happy to put an offer in at the asking price. My sister looked up our house on the Internet, because we where following the progress in which the paperwork for the house was following through via Internet home sellers. As we did this, we noticed that our address was also on a Goggle page; intrigued, we clicked on.

The headline read,


“European scientist, Charles Jonathon Malchover died in the early hours of Tuesday morning after being trapped inside his burning home. It is believed he made an escape for the front door but the fire spread quickly down the stair carpet and blocked it.

Conclusions have been made that he perished in 7 minutes from major burns to the body.

Of course, after reading this we were a little freaked out by it all; however my Mum is a huge skeptic and it didn’t faze her. After 3 months, moving day was finally upon us. We unloaded all our boxes and laid out furniture in the downstairs and bedrooms and by 11.00 pm we took some snapshots of our new home.

This is of course, when we took this photo; standing beside the front door.

As you can guess, we haven’t settled in properly and my sister has problems sleeping. Believe what you want of it, but there was only us three in the house and the figure is standing just a couple of feet from the camera; it was NOT on zoom.