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Home Alone (With a ghost )

by Erin
(Hervey Bay, Australia)

Usually, I come home after school and there's no one there, mum's at work, I don't live with me dad and my sisters are also at work. Anyway, one day when I came home I went into the laundry to wash my hands, because they were all sticky from glue. Anyway all the windows were closed so there was no possible air coming in from anywhere. I went back out. The house was silent. I was playing my Nintendo DS with no noise on, and the next minute I heard the chimes in the laundry being knocked against the wall. I was really scared so I ran into the laundry as quickly as possible. I looked around and there was nothing in there to cause them to be knocked.

So I went back out and played my Nintendo. There's a big box for my vacuum cleaner in the laundry, I heard it being dragged around on the ground, this time I was really scared, so I got a butcher knife and took it into the laundry with me. I looked around and once again nothing was there, I was walking back down the hall perfectly normal when suddenly my head got pushed into the wall with lots of impact. I got a massive bruise the next day.

Anyway when I went into the kitchen to put the knife back, the fruit went all over the floor for no apparent reason. I was so scared I went outside to check if the guinea pigs were ok. They were but then suddenly the next day one called "halo" died for no apparent reason.

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Home Alone (With a ghost )

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Mar 27, 2008
by: Anonymous

I thought that was so scary i would hate that if it happened to me

Feb 14, 2008
by: Anonymous

well that's actually a little weird are you like okay now and how did it feel by the way?

Feb 09, 2008
The best
by: annie

You go girl! Your story is the best! I love your story unlike the one I just read which is the ghost dog and that one sucks but your story is the best and I just love it! Keep it up girl!

Dec 11, 2007
Is this real?
by: Lucky 13

Hi Erin,

I was wanting to know if this is a true story, and if it is, how long ago did it occur and have there been any more instances of this type??

If this is a true story and you are being injured, something needs to be done about it and soon before there are more serious injuries. This could be dangerous!! If it's not real, then creative story.

Just respond on here on your space, and I will check back in for the answer. Thanks!

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