Haunted Potomac Job Corps, Washington DC

by Josh

Allegedly, the older buildings on campus were originally built as an annex to a sanatorium nearby in the mid to late 1800's. Then became an orphanage in the early 1900's and several of the older buildings and a small cemetery were bulldozed to make way for a barracks to house air force personnel before they shipped out for Vietnam.

Reports of an apparition of a little girl are commonplace in Dorm 19. So common in fact that the room she inhabits is used to temporarily house new students before they are permanently assigned to a room.

Paranormal experiences include awakening to a little girl in braids, wearing a plain cotton dress playing with the lacy borders of a comforter. The allegation is that when the barracks building (that later became Dorm 19) was built the orphanage cemetery was bulldozed to make way and the building was built on the site.

Also on campus, in Dorm 18, the sounds of someone walking heavily in hard-soled shoes or boots echo in the early hours of the morning although there is no staff or students to be found in the halls when the noises are investigated. Objects are often moved about in locked cabinets and closets, and shadow people are seen moving around the older buildings at night, but often disappear when security illuminate the area with a spotlight.

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