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Haunted Lake???

by Tonya P.
(Louisville, KY U.S.A)

Face in the sliding door

Face in the sliding door

My mother, sister and I recently went to a weekend get-a-way to a private lake. For the most part we had a really great time. We stayed in one of only six private cabins on the lake. I didn't notice anything out of the norm until night fell on the first day of the trip.

We were sitting at the table in the cabin playing cards when I decided to snap a photo of my mother. As soon as the photo took, I noticed something odd on the view screen on my camera. I went back to view the image and noticed that there was what appeared to be an image of a face in the upper right hand corner of the shot. My mother and sister both agreed.

Later that night when we all went to bed, I had a very unsettling feeling. I couldn't relax. I felt like some one was watching me. I was the only one still awake in the cabin. I kept hearing sounds outside too. I kept telling myself that it was probably raccoons or some other sort of animal out and about. As soon as I closed my eyes I heard very loud knocking on my window. It was 3 loud knocks about 2-3 seconds apart. I jumped up and ran out of the room. I woke up the others, freaking out.

At first they teased me for being such a chicken. Then there it was again. The knocking. This time it was coming from the same sliding door where I noticed the "face" in the photo I had taken that night. Needless to say, we were all up until 4:30 in the morning too scared to go to sleep.

That morning we looked around outside the cabin to see if we could find any signs that an animal had been lurking around the garbage can. Nothing.

On the second night of our stay, my mother and sister had no problem falling asleep. I guess they were too tired to be scared from the night before. I myself still couldn't relax enough to go to sleep. I tried laying in bed once more but couldn't get the sounds from the night before out of my head. Then I heard what sounded like someone trying to force their way into the cabin door. Once more I jumped out of bed and ran into the other rooms to alert the others. This time they ignored my fears and stayed in bed. I was left up alone all night.

While sitting in the recliner around 2 a.m. I was just about to give in and go to bed. I hadn't heard anything since the first noise that night so I was starting to settle down some. That is when I heard something out on the deck. The deck wrapped completely around the cabin and had two gates on each side. They were both locked. It sounded like footsteps starting on the right back side of the cabin and grew louder as they rounded the front, then diminished as they rounded the front left corner. My heart was pounding. I would have tried to work up the courage to peek out the window but for some odd reason the deck lights were not working. It was so dark that I wouldn't have been able to see anything even if it was standing right in front of me.

When I returned home the next day I uploaded all the photos that I had taken over the weekend onto my PC. I decided to zoom in on the image that I saw in that photo I had taken and brightened it up some to see if there was a logical explanation for the "face" in the shot. To my surprise it became even more clear. I then decided to zoom in on some of the other photos that I had taken to see if I could find anything odd. I was amazed of my findings. I had taken a photo of our cabin from the opposite side of the lake. When zoomed in on the right front window. I noticed what to me looks like a man standing there wearing a suit and tie. In another there is what appears to be another face. And in one that I took of the road that led to our cabin, it appears to me to be an full body image of an entity in the road. There were a few more that I thought may have something but they didn't seem clear enough to post.

I should also mention that the owner of the property and cabins wrote an autobiography which I read while on my stay there. Towards the end of the book he mentioned the cabins and the lake. He claims that there are many people that have rented the cabins simply to relax and enjoy the lake and surrounding nature until their deaths. I am assuming they were dying, nowhere did he mention any suicides. He also mentioned that people have had their relatives spread their ashes out on the lake and the property. And on the hiking trails there is evidence of ancient Indian dwellings. That part was mentioned in the brochure as well. I am posting some of the photos hoping that someone will be able to discredit my fears. So if anyone out there can tell me that I am imagining the things in the photos please feel free to do so.