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Haunted House

by Lisa, Chillicothe, Ohio

Orb and TV

Orb and TV

It started the day we moved in. I am not a psychic, but I felt strange things in this house. I am extremely scared of the basement which has a few different rooms. I have to go down there to wash my clothes and hate every minute of it. I have taken several pictures in this house and have seen several orbs in the pictures. One morning my fiance and I were getting ready to go out shopping and he wanted us to take a picture of ourselves together. We set the timer on the camera and got into position. We took about three pictures. I never thought anything else of it, so we went out.

That night I dreamed of ghosts. I told him the next day of my dream. Still never thought anything else of it. Until the next day after he had gone to work, when I got my camera out and started downloading my pictures onto the computer so I could print them out. That is when I noticed the orb surrounding my ceiling fan. I got to looking even closer and saw the TV screen. Our channel was on ESPN which everyone knows is a sports channel. What I saw looked nothing like sports and it scared the living day lights out of me.

I have to stay in this house five days a week until late at night by myself. I am highly scared. I am always watching my back and feel unusual touches on my arms or legs. I feel very uncomfortable here and can hardly wait until the lease is up so we can move - in seven months. It is an old house and I do not know much about its history. I do not think I want to know either. I just hope soon those seven months will approach us.

I tried showing my fiance the pictures, but he refuses to look at them, suggesting that I am trying to just scare him - not at all true. I just wanted him to see what I saw. I do not tell him of the touches I feel because I know he already assumes that I am crazy to believe in ghosts.