Haunted Cambooya, Queensland, Australia

by Anonymous

I've been told that there have been many sightings at the Cambooya Inn involving apparitions, physical touching and lots of EVP.

I have talked to the locals and they have said that there was an accident not so far away from the inn itself, yet no more details could be obtained as the police wanted to keep it a secret. After visiting the Inn I have gathered very little evidence, only that involving EVP and what I thought to be a cold spot.

In the EVP I swore I heard a very eerie voice saying "leave this area immediately" and another one saying "help me." I showed it to my brother and he denied that is was evidence, so I went to people who would believe me.

My friends and I have a little investigation group of our own and we went back to the Inn and caught an EVP saying, "Why are you here?" Also while trying to communicate with the ghost we tried to make it move a ball we found. After 10 minutes of trying, I had an idea of aggravating the ghost so it would contact us.

When aggravated, it was much more violent then intended as the ghost ripped things from the walls and managed to destroy all the wiring in my MP3. It also wiped my camera memory and started throwing things at us.

Looking at other people’s stories on the ghost, they all said that it is a violent ghost that you shouldn’t make angry.

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