Ghosts of North Brother Island, NY

by Loren
(Tracy, CA)

Has this location been investigated yet?

This island served as the home of Riverside Hospital in the late 1800's and early 1900's. Riverside hospital was dedicated to the treatment and isolation of people with infectious diseases such as smallpox and later, typhus. Several deaths were reported on this island due to the disease. Also Typhoid Mary herself died on this island after being confined there for 20 years.

In addition to the deaths tied to the Riverside hospital, there was also a shipwreck on the shores of this island.

In 1904, the SS General Slocum wrecked on the shores of this island. It is reported that over 1000 people died as a result. Some drowned in the East river before the ship beached itself. Others died on the shore. It seems to me that the history of this island makes it a good candidate for an investigation.

As I understand it, the island is currently off limits to the public. However, if you could get permission, I think it would promise to be a great experience.

Thanx for reading,


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