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Comments for
Ghosts and Hauntings: Was It the Ghost of My Dad

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Mar 28, 2009
by: Katelyn

i think that was your dad. i think it was him letting you know that he still loves you.. like even though as you said he really wasn't involved in your life...but...thats just what I think and i am really no expert or anything..

Jan 13, 2009
Maybe it sleep paralysis?
by: Anonymous

Sleep paralysis can be associated with hypnagogic hallucinations.

In some cases, when hypnogogic hallucinations are present, people feel that "someone is in the room with them", some experience the feeling that "someone or something is sitting on their chest" and they feel impending death and suffocation. That has been called the “Hag Phenomena”.

These things cause people much anxiety and terror, but there is no physical harm.

Or maybe it was you Dad?

Who knows...!

Jan 11, 2009
was it the gohst of my dad
by: sue c

Thankyou Brenda for your comment,thanks for reading my story.

sue c

Jan 08, 2009
Not Sure
by: Brenda - Webmaster

Thanks for the story. I can't say for sure whether that was your Dad or not. I'd be inclined to say no, just so you yourself could think better of him. I'm very glad my mom and I reconciled. We did not get along at all when I was younger. It's better for everyone when there is peace.

Take care and thank you for sharing.

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