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Ghostly Tales: The Applause from Nowhere

by Erik

We lived in a house in Coorparoo, Queensland for all of my life. I was watching a DVD one night, "Mythbusters," I think it was, and we were halfway through the DVD when I heard applause. I heard it coming from the sofa and looking down the back, there was nobody there. So I set the DVD back to the part where I heard applause and played that. Again.

So, I took the DVD out of the player and took it downstairs into the den and played it there. No applause. Then I knew something was going on. Next to the TV was a box marked "Stuff." I opened that, and saw a bunch of cassette tapes, books and 80's videos. Wondering where these were from, I noticed a piece of paper on the top that read as follows:

"Gazza, here's your stuff. I don't know whether this will get to you but if it does, phone (073) xxx xxxx. Dave." Phone number removed.

The above number being our own, I knew it was fruitless to ring. So, with someone called Dave being the previous occupant of our house, what were we going to do? The first option was to look up the community database. So I went down on a Saturday to look on the computer. The results were as follows:

"Abrahams, Dave. Lived 40 years. Loved urban legends." So that's where the applause was coming from?

We never heard the owner again, but he left one more note for us to read:

"Keep stuff. Dave."

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