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Ghostly Experiences

by Darla
(Middletown, Connecticut, USA)

When I first came here to Middletown, I didn't believe in ghosts. That's because I never saw or heard one. But the first night I was in my new house was the worst. I woke up at exactly midnight, and no one else was awake except for me. My room is close to the bathroom, and I started to hear peculiar noises coming from it. No one was awake, so I was extremely scared. I got up, shaking, and went to the bathroom to see if anyone was there. Nope. So I went back to my room. Then, I heard a noise. The water was on! I couldn't believe it! Then I heard a cup slam on the sink. I was sooo scared! I tried to go to sleep, but I kept hearing voices. Eventually, I got to sleep.

A lot more things started to happen in my obviously haunted house. They get worse and worse each time!

Last year, I was walking in the woods with my friends Angela, Elizabeth, Alyssa, and Kayla. I told them the woods were haunted, even though I wasn't sure if it was. We were walking, and all of a sudden, Kayla screamed and ran back. We kept going. Then we all saw a strange ghostly figure standing in front of us. We started to run back. But something grabbed my ankle! I screamed and screamed but I was way behind. Then, finally, I could run again. My heart was beating so fast. (My fingers even tremble while typing this!)

We got back and asked Kayla what happened. She didn't answer, but she started to
scream again. She must have saw something, but we'll never know, because she never talks about it.

I believe in ghosts now, and highly regret not believing them in the first place. My whole street is haunted and many good and bad things have happened having to do with ghosts.
But wait! There's more! Ah, we all know Bloody Mary. But let me tell you my story.
I first heard about Bloody Mary, also called Mary Mortal, from ghost expert Kayla Walsh. There are many rumors and stories of how she died. Kayla's story: Mary was a normal girl and was running down a hill and went through a fan. Now, I don't believe THAT. But the REAL story is this: Mary was a normal girl that lived in a house with her family. She one day passed out, so her parents buried her in their backyard alive. Now Bloody Mary roams the earth again, seeking revenge.

Here's how to summon Bloody Mary:

1. Go in a bathroom with a mirror, alone or with a friend (I suggest you bring a friend with you!)

2. Shut off the lights, or summon her at night.

3. Hold hands (If you bring a friend with you.)

4. Spin around 13 times, saying, "Bloody Mary."

5. Wait until something happens.

If you get scared, flick on the lights.

If you don't see or hear something, you may notice strange claw marks on your arm that weren't there before.

I have never truly summoned Bloody Mary, but have seen her.

Here's how to do a seance:

(What's a seance? A seance is when you summon a particular or random ghost.)

1. Get a small, round table.

2. Bring out one or more chairs for whoever is coming.

3. Light a candle in the middle of the table.

4. Turn off the lights.

5. If you have two or more people with you, all of you have to put your hands flat on the table.

6. Make all of your fingers touching.

7. Tell your guest to close their eyes and focus on whoever you are summoning.

The ghost you are summoning will use you or one of your guests to speak through.
WARNING!!!!!!!!!! Seances are VERY dangerous. Summoning spirits from the dead will break their peace and they will probably haunt you for the rest of your life and make you miserable. Try it with your friends... if you wish.

Let me tell you something. Not all ghosts are bad. I have some ghost friends myself. Let me tell you who they are:

Ms. Lafrito: The owner of my house before she died in a car crash.

?Unknown name? Ghost cat: There are animal ghosts, too! I see this cat on special occasions. It is see-through white.

Tip: Has someone died in your family? Did you know that they will protect you from evil spirits of the dead? Just a helpful tip! My friend Madeline's grandfather died, and he protects her from ghosts.

Thank you for listening to my stories! All of them are very real, and I have so many stories, I just don't have the time to type them all! Take my advice! I hope you liked my stories! Bye bye!

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