Ghost Walk: La Laurie Mansion, New Orleans

by Estel Lyons
(Rockaway Park, NY)

Decided to take a stroll away from the crowds on Bourbon Street. Found an unusually quiet, tree-lined block of historic homes. Built in the 1700's, there were carriage houses and balconied mansions with ornate ironwork. All painted beautifully. It was a beautiful spring day. The sun played off the leaded glass of the windows.

I stopped at a corner to take in the scene. I leaned against a heavy metal pillar, as my feet were hurting a bit from the walk. The pole, although solidly planted in cement, bent sideways for just a second. I ignored it and continued to enjoy the surroundings. It moved again. This time I became concerned, thinking there might be an electric current running through it. I straightened up and was about to continue my walk when there were heavy, hurried footsteps coming from behind. I turned to make sure I wasn't in the way of the person about to pass me. There was no one there. The footsteps ceased.

I have no interest in the paranormal and had very little knowledge of the history of New Orleans. I simply put it out of my mind and once again attempted to leave the corner and cross the street. This time, someone came up from behind me and was literally "on me" within seconds.

I could feel a tall person (at least 6 feet) standing as close as you can get without touching, I could feel the heat from his body. I felt the energy of a human being. Thinking I was about to be robbed, I gasped and spun around ready to fight - once again, there was no one there.

I stood there just long enough to note the address of the building and then fled the street. It was the corner of the La Laurie Mansion on Royal Street. I later found it has one of the most grisly histories of any building in the United States.

The owner, Madame La Laurie was a known psychopath who brutally tortured her slaves. Obviously, there's a reason why people don't frequent this area. It's now inhabited by poor restless souls still searching for peace.

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