Ghost Train in Iowa

I was coming home from a long-earned vacation. We stopped at a hotel with train tracks in the rear. I was in the room where the tracks ran next to it. I watched a freight train pass that was supposed to be the last train of the day.

Few minutes before midnight, I woke up and couldn't go back to sleep. So I decided to look outside for a while.

When I saw my watch strike midnight, I looked back outside and saw the signal light turn green. Then I heard a loud steam whistle in the distance. There, chuffing slowly, was an old steam locomotive coming down the line.

It then vanished in front of me.

The next morning, I tell my family about everything I saw. They never heard anything, but my brother told me he heard something!

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Ghost Train in Iowa

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Jul 15, 2011
No Story
by: Anonymous

Wow there's no story :/

Jun 28, 2011
It was not a dream
by: J

What I saw was no dream at all, I know that people could be seeing things but I see ghost everyday at one point. But what I saw was no dream.

Jun 06, 2011
A dream, perhaps.
by: Anonymous

Could it have been a dream? Now, I am not one to distinguish the possibility that ghosts do, indeed, exist. In fact, I am an avid believer of the paranormal. But, given that you were sleeping prior to hearing and seeing this train and the fact that you saw a train before you first went to sleep leads me to believe that it was not a ghost train, but your active subconscious. I mean, think about it, stories of ghost trains are all around us. I hear one everyday. I think it may be that this ghost train was in your thoughts and came in your dreams, leading you to believe you actually saw a ghost train.

May 14, 2011
Nice Story, Good Vocabulary
by: Camille

Your story seems true. I mean, I think I have the ability to sense if one story is true or not (please, to be honest, I'm not boasting, nor do I like to.)

Your vocabulary is pretty good, but the word in the last paragraph you wrote, "I tell my parents" is wrong. It should have been "told" and not "tell" as there are many differences between them, told is the past tense, and tell present continuous.

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