Ghost that Haunts Devil's Den

by GrayReb
(Wilmington, DE)

On this trip I decided to take random shots everywhere in hopes of capturing something. Well, look at this photo and you'll see the ghost of the "Tennessean" peeking out from behind the rock, looking straight at me.

The legend is that the Civil War Soldier belonged to a Southern Unit (don't know whether it was actually from Tennessee), that appears in rag-tag clothing, is barefoot, has a scraggly beard and wears a slouched hat, carrying an old muzzle-loader rifle.

He usually appears in daylight and sometimes speaks to tourists. If anyone is familiar with Devil's Den and the ghost stories, this is the soldier that actually gave the Civil War re-enactors a couple of musket balls that proved to be accurate from the time.

Anxious for comments and opinions.

Subsequent uploads and comments from GrayReb follow:

Ghost face appears inside the crevice of this rock in Devil's Den. His eyes appear to be closed, but his mouth is open. Weird capture, one of several photos taken the weekend of September 18-20, 2009. Causes one to wonder if a soldier died inside and his spirit still lingers.

Okay...here is the marked version outlining what I perceive to be the Civil War Soldier people fondly refer to as "The Tennessean". I realize that some are unable to see him due to the busy background of leaves and branches, but I can assure you he's there. Try to focus on the image inside the outline. Another viewer from California advised she could even see his rifle, which both hands are wrapped around.

(GrayReb, this is my enlargement of your marked photo. I enhanced the outline on the pic. - Brenda, Webmaster)