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Ghost Story in Mexico

by Esmeralda Rodriguez
(Utah, USA)

One day when my family went to Mexico something strange happened. When we arrived at my grandma`s house, I went to sleep and my parents left to go to get something to eat. When I woke up my cousin and I went to the bathroom but we stopped because we saw something strange in the hallway near a table.

It was a little girl we never met. She was holding a black bucket and was dressed in black. My cousin and I looked at each other then looked at the girl and she was gone.

The next morning my cousin and I told my parents but they said we were crazy. So at night we went to see if the girl was there and she was, so we asked her "Who are you?" The only thing she said was "Go away or die."

So we left and told my parents and they went to check. They saw her, then she was gone and nothing happened ever again. Except one day when it was the day of the dead, we saw her again and we told our grandma and she said that the girl we saw was a ghost. We didn`t believe that until my grandma showed me a picture of the girl before she died and it was her.

My cousin and I were so scared my grandma moved and we never went back to that house ever again.

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