Ghost Stories-Personal Encounters

by Meagan B
(E. Peoria, IL, USA)

What I'm about to share with you is 100% the truth, let's begin my story.

My boyfriend and I were living with my mother and step father at their house for awhile. We had the basement for our living quarters. My boyfriend plays bass guitar and has two electric bass guitars.

One night we were lying in bed, just cuddling & being cute when his electric bass guitar sounded off a note. Now if you know anything about guitars you'll know an electric bass guitar needs to be plugged into an amp to make any sound at all.

Now here's the kicker. That guitar was laying flat on the floor, the amp was across the basement, nowhere near our room. The note that sounded was second string down, fifth fret in. We tried everything to recreate the noise. We threw stuff at it, we hit it, we tried everything. The only way to recreate it was by playing that note.

Now in my apt, late at night, something likes to pick up a glass and drop it on the counter, this is an every night thing.

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Ghost Stories-Personal Encounters

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Apr 20, 2011
by: Chrissie

I believe and love this story. Crazy things do happen - keep your eyes and ears open they are happening all around you. :)

Mar 20, 2011
by: farah

That was spooky if it happens to me I would have cried mama!!!

Feb 04, 2011
Music loving ghost..
by: Suki

That's spooky.. who or what plucked the second string.. they would have had to HOLD the string on the fifth fret.. and to make it more spooky it should have been connected to the amp to hear the sound.

A music lover from the other side maybe?

Thanks for sharing your experience..


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