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Ghost Sightings: The Rose Hall

by Savannah

Because the rose hall was built in the 1700's and was owned by john palmer and his wife. Slaves worked for them. The creepy thing is that rosa palmer's husband died right after he married her.

the legend of rosa palmer is that when she was a kid, her nanny taught her witchcraft and voodo. Rosa palmer was cruel to her slaves. She would take a slave into her house and practice her witch craft on them. When a slave went into the house they never came out because they were dead.

so many slaves died in the rose hall and many say that the slaves that died in there were trapped souls because of the witchcraft rose practiced on them. When rosa palmer was about to die she cast a spell on this house and on her. She said that her spirit would remain in this house for all eternity and the slaves that she killed.

the rose hall is now a very popular tourist attraction. Tourists come to take a look inside the house sometimes say they see a face in the mirror in her room they believe it can be rosa palmer back from the dead to have her revenge. Others say they can see the slaves that died in the house. They also say that after she died they burned all the portraits of her because they believed that she set a spell on the pictures so when she comes back she will come through the pictures. The only thing left is the mirror that hangs in her room that they believe to see rose palmer in the mirror.

so go and check out the rose hall and annie palmer the white witch is what they called her.

savannah pitchford
thank you for reading

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