Ghost Sightings: Huntington Memorial Hospital, Pasadena, California

by Barb
(Hemet, CA, USA)

My daughter was in the PICU of Huntington Memorial Hospital in Pasadena for about a month and a half over the summer of 2009. The PICU is in the "old" building, in a wing that has long been abandoned. Walking the halls you can see elevators that are no longer in service and abandoned closets and rooms.

One night, a girl had drowned and come in to the PICU by my daughter. While their family was "grieving" I had to leave because it was so sad. I ended up walking the winding hallways not seeing a soul on the way as it was very late (midnight or so). It wasn't unusual not seeing people walking around in that old building.

I was looking for a restroom and I happened upon an old-fashioned looking area with a counter.
Sitting there was a woman in her 50's, black hair, older looking with a nurses uniform with round glasses and a sweater draped over her shoulders. She was working on some papers or something.

I asked her if there was a restroom nearby and she said I could use the one in a small waiting room off to the side. I told her thanks and went into the waiting room, decorated as if out of the 60's. I used the restroom and left.

A few days later, I decided to take a break, go for a walk and decided to use the restroom in the old waiting room. I came across a similar area but no one was there and it looked abandon. I was later told that area was no longer used and hadn't been in years. Further, I was told that the PICU and the morgue are the only active areas of that old building with the excepton of a couple of offices on the first floor. The old building was very creepy, on the first floor in one of the hallways there are mannequins in plastic display cases wearing various historic nursing uniforms.

One time I was going downstairs and somehow the elevator accidentally went to the basement. The doors opened, although I didn't step out when I noticed I was on the wrong floor. There was a double steel door with round windows and it was either an old abandoned operating room or perhaps an old morgue or something.

When my daughter transferred to Chidren's Hospital of Los Angeles I met a nurse there who had worked for years in the Huntington PICU. She said she believed the PICU building was haunted. She told me one of the doctors and many of the nurses on night shift would refuse to walk downstairs at night.

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Ghost Sightings: Huntington Memorial Hospital, Pasadena, California

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Jul 27, 2011
by: Serena

I've seen some ghosts but noone believes me!:(

Apr 01, 2011
Huntington Hospital is Definitely Haunted!
by: Psychic Medium Michael J. Kouri of ICGHOSTS.COM

I've also had many ghostly encounters at Huntington Memorial Hospital and during a recent operation and stay there, encountered so many ghosts (not unusual for me as I've been able to see spirits since the age of 8) that I've decided to write an entire book about my encounters there.

The book is due for release in the Fall of 2011 and will be called:

My Phantom Toe, and other Horrific encounters of a Psychic Medium and the Ghosts who Haunt Huntington Hospital.

During my stay, nurses, doctors, PA's and residences recognized me from the numerous TV shows I've appeared on with my other ghost books and started sharing their own Ghostly encounters while working at the hospital in both the new and old I heard moaning from empty rooms near me, and actually saw a ghostly doctor walk right through the steel doors of an elevator while an assistant was pushing me to the oldest wing. He was scared and didn't want to discuss what "we" both knew we saw!

There are ghostly nurses, patients who have confused looks on their faces of all nationalities. Ghost doctors, assistants, candystripers-you name it! And why wouldn't it be haunted with all of the day to day things that go on there in a medical way.

Many spirits continue to do the things they did in life after death, and some don't even know they're dead. Want to know more??? Read my books!

I believe that "All Hospitals are Haunted" but Huntington Memorial is truly one of the Most Haunted I've ever encountered throughout my extensive career as a Parapsychological Investigator.

Perhaps the sale of this book will help me pay for my treatment, there.

Visit my Funtastic website at WWW.ICGHOSTS.COM
I also offer walking tours of Haunted Pasadena, Hollywood, Orange County, and The old Queen Mary Ship, too. Imagine being able to take a Ghost Tour with a Psychic Medium who can see, feel, hear and communicate with "real" ghosts!

Mar 29, 2011
Some scary stuff
by: Anonymous

Wow I can't believe that. It's amazing how ghosts choose to present themselves. I have a had a couple of ghost encounters there not good. One of my close friends have been possessed. Well the best of luck to you and your daughter. :)

Feb 07, 2011
Ghost Sightings: Huntington Memorial Hospital, Pasadena, CA
by: Anonymous

During the 90's I worked at Huntington hospital. I worked for Environmental SVC, which is maintenance. I worked the 3:30pm to 11:00pm shift. I worked the old section while it was already under renovation, but they were still using the old building. My job was to clean.

I experienced ghost sightings first hand. There was a woman in the administrative office that seemed a bit out-dated in clothes. I saw here few times. I also saw a doctor 3 times by the old surgery rooms. I also heard a male disembodied voice. When I saw him and kept mopping with my head down. He went into the surgery room and I went in after while telling him I just wanted to empty the trash.

When I went in, there was no one there. I saw him twice more after that. I kept this a secret. I decided to tell my coworker, and he confided that he had the same experiences. He said the woman in administration was very mean and sometimes screams.

He also knew of the doctor and said that he just walks around looking for work to do. I can tell you that this hospital is haunted. I quit after some months of working there. I think the time I spent there changed me. One day while cleaning the lower level, by the morgue, I was getting on the elevator when I heard yelling and saw flashing lights.

The hospital had 3 lines on the floor that direct certain medical conditions to certain parts of the hospital. If I remember correctly, the lines were blue, yellow and red. Anyway, I heard yelling to hold the elevator and people were pushing a gurney very fast towards the elevator. there doctors and police. I was already in the elevator and couldn't come out and I got pushed in.

There was a kid, about 19 or 20, on the gurney with several gunshot wounds to the chest and stomach. Police were trying to question him and doctors were trying to save him. There was chaos and yelling on the elevator. I stood squashed into the corner quietly just watching and mostly shocked. I remember it being the longest elevator ride I ever took. I also remember we stopped on the 4th floor. When we got there they all rushed out just as quickly as they came in. The young man died on the operating table.

I remember being at work several weeks after that incident and I was walking on the lower level by the morgue when I heard someone call me from the morgue. I walked in and I remember there being blood on the floor from the mortician work. I remember the floor drain being caked and clotted with blood. It was my job to clean this place, but the people that worked there were supposed to do most of it so it wouldn't be in that condition.

I never saw this room in that condition. I also didn't find anyone in that room. I just remember feeling it was the young man that died several weeks earlier. I don't now why I felt that way. I never felt anything there was hostile or evil.

Jun 05, 2010
Huntington Ghost
by: Anonymous

I work at the hospital at night and several of my coworker have seen the exact same ghost. For some reason she is always holding papers.

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