Ghost Sightings: House In Glendale

by Sherri
(Palmdale, CA)

House In Glendale

House In Glendale

There is a house in the Glendale, California area that had a lot of weird things go on when I lived there when I was 5-9yrs old. I'm 42 now, lol.

Well there was a neighbor that said she saw a blue light in our front window at night, well we didn't have any night lights and never could see it for ourselves, there was a time when I looked into our front room and saw people dancing around in grass, they looked to be in Victorian dress.

We had a built-on room in the back next to the master bedroom. It had no insulation and was completely louver windows. That room would be 20-30 degrees on a summer day of 90-100 degrees outside. When you would turn your back and walk away from that room you would get chills and want to scream! Well the last thing I can remember was a large solid white ORB in the hallway just at the bedroom door. It looked like a flashlight but no glare. I screamed and my parents woke up, but it was gone.

I wish to get into that house again, but last time it was up for sale I missed the opportunity. It is on a street in Glendale California.

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