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Comments for
Ghost Called Samantha

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Jan 14, 2009
by: Sara

I do appreciate the comments and we are planning on doing some recordings soon. I will definetely let everyone know if we come up with anything. Another quick addition. This past weekend we had a bunch of friends over and were listening to music on the ipod outside on the porch. It suddenly turns off and the TV and surround sound inside are blasting. No one was in the house and no one touched the ipod. I guess she was feeling ignored and wanted our attention. Also my daughter has started talking to the "pretty lady" when we are over there. She is the only one that sees her.

Jan 13, 2009
by: Firewolf

I kinda think everybody's house (especially mine) should have a Samantha LOL

Jan 08, 2009
I second her WOW
by: LP

oh my gosh, and he was just so casual about it.. Like its a freind staying over who sleeps on his couch.. ya wow... I could probably use her so Iam not late for work in the morning too... except I couldnt handle the slap on the face thing. That would not be cool. haha.. But that is a great story. Try and communicate with her, Get a voice recorder, Sit down, and start asking her questions. Than pause... So who are you.. pause..whats your name .. pause... do u know where you are...pause... what year is it.. pause... Than leave it to record by itself also, I would also set-up a motion camera. You can do that with a web cam for very inexpensive. But either way, she seems like one of the most friendly entities I have heard of. Pretty cool, im sure she is a kind soul, and was a good person in her life. .

Jan 08, 2009
by: Brenda - Webmaster

Thank you for this story. That's amazing. It sure sounds like you've got a ghostie to me. Let's see what our visitors say.

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