Ghost at 3:30 A.M.

by Sans

I went to honeymoon with my wife and we were staying in a doom which is located separately from the resort. It was heavily raining the day we arrived. After the rains, we heard sounds as if someone was scratching the wall from outside around the room. We were scared to open the door as there was no protection if we did so. These things happened at 3am in the morning. We managed to not think about it when we were there and then came back home. We were discussing it with everyone.

That night at my house, my wife, left our room and saw someone moving from the other bedroom to the kitchen. There was no light.

She went to the kitchen and saw no one then came running to me and said this. I woke up and went there and my parents also came to the scene. We explained it to my father. He said that he turned and someone was closing the room door just before prior and he thought it was me closing the door. Afterward he saw that only my wife has seen the spirit moving from the room to the kitchen.

We saw the time and it was 3:30 am..!!

We were experiencing the spirit movement between the dining room, kitchen and the other bedroom here and there. We have a dog at home. But the spirit will make sure that the dog is inside some room before it makes it presence.

Hope the spirit goes away soon..!!

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