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Ghost are Everywhere

by Michele
(St. Cloud, Minnesota, USA)

I remember living in a house in St. Cloud in which they claim a little boy had died. This was when I was 9. I would never want to sleep in my bedroom so I slept in my mother's room. When I was sleeping I awoke to find someone pulling at my feet. If you were up late you could hear stuff moving around the house. Also my sandwich went missing. I will never forget that one. I went down stairs to get a drink and my sandwich was gone when I came back up. I could not blame anyone because they were all downstairs watching a movie I did not like.

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We did use the Oujia board in this house. I still have memories I don't know are real or from dreams. Then when I was 17 at a different house, it was late at night and I was in my room watching TV. I was lying on my bed hoping to get tired. I notice something by my bed on the left side of me. When I turned to see what it was, I saw a face with white smoke around it. When I got scared and tried to run away it went away.

I have old photos that I took in the house. You can see orbs on them. I also would have a scared feeling when I went into the basement like someone was watching me. I would always have a dream of a lion standing on top of me. These dreams stopped when I moved. I then moved into the apartment where a little boy liked to walk from door to door trying the door handle. He would always open my TV stand door. It was a hard door to open because the TV was on top of it and the weight of the TV made it hard to open. I would go to bed with the door close and wake up to find it opened. I also saw a dog shadow in my room moving around. This was on the same land but different apartment.

Then I moved into a house where a lady died and a guy died fixing his car. If you driving by the house at night you can see the lady in the bedroom window she died in. She also walks around up there too. She likes to push people down the steps.

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