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Figure carring baby behind tree, in cheriton graveyard.

by alexander read
(cheriton village uk)

My uncle recently came round to our house with his new digital camera, and knowing the history of the place we live, Cheriton, we decided to go up to the local graveyard near our house. It was about 6:oo pm and beginning to get dark, so we decided to quickly take a picture in a circle of yew trees in front of the church. For some reason when we looked at the picture everything was black, even though it wasn't yet dark, and the flash had gone off. It began to rain so we decided to head home.

We loaded the pic on our computer, doubting that we would see anything in them. And for the first 5 minutes we believed that.

That was, until we increased the brightness of the picture...

The big blue/whitish blob on the screen (to the bottom left) is a rain drop, but two other things in the picture cannot yet be explained.

Firstly, to the top right of the screen there is a faint orb, but look closely and you will see a face in it. However this is not the thing that shocked us.

To the left of the picture standing behind a tree is a white hunched-over figure. Zoom in and it looks as though it is carrying a baby.

This really shocked us and to this very day we take care when walking though the graveyard. Too bad that the area where we took that photo is directly overlooking our house!