Disturbing Mirror Picture

by Dennis S
(Fenton, Missouri, USA)

Explanation  on picture

Explanation on picture

My name is Denny S. My fiance (Carissa) and friend (Ken) were up late one night talking about different ghost experiences we had had in the past. Suddenly, my fiance felt a cold chill followed by a "heavy feeling" in her chest. After that, Ken said he saw a shadow in the corner of our apartment. We are all three very in tune with the spiritual world and have all seen, heard or talked to ghosts in the past. Ken described an angry being in the apartment.

After this instance I began to get a little jittery after hours of conversations on ghosts and the paranormal. Carissa and Ken began to investigate our bedroom and took many pictures in the dark. Many of the pictures were debunked because of lighting and dust in the air. However, one photo was captured that sent a chill down our spines. That photo is included here. A close-up of her mirror shows two faces. One is tilting his head back the other is looking slightly downward.
Upon seeing this photo, my fiance said, "It's Josh!"

Josh was a good friend of hers who died a terrible death. I will exclude the gory details, but his death was ruled a suicide and the case was closed. All of Josh's friends KNOW that he did not kill himself. As I have been told many times over, "Josh would never do that. He wasn't that type of person."

Carissa then told me that the pose of the face in the mirror is his pose. It was his trademark to pose as such in all of his photos. I know this to be true because of the numerous photos I have seen of this man.

We believe that Josh has crossed over, but we also believe that he was murdered and he is constantly reminding his friends that he would never do that. We, as ghost hunters would like an outside opinion on this photo. I am very sure this is Josh in this photo, not only because of the striking resemblance between the face in the mirror and the picture of him in his obituary hanging just below. This obituary has been hanging on the mirror since June of 2007. It has also been proven to me because of another close friend of his that was not here that night saw the picture with no explanation and broke down into tears and exclaimed, "Oh my god, it's Josh!"

Any input you would have on this photo would be appreciated.