Dare to Die For

by Michelle J.
(Paducah, KY, U.S.A)

"I dare ya'll to stay one night in the old Fisher place," said school jock, Duke. Josh hesitated and looked at his girlfriend Kat for support. She herself had a worried look in her eye. He took a deep breath and said, "We take the bet. Friday night. See you then."

"ARE YOU INSANE?!?" Kat told Josh that day after school. Leaves rustled around their feet as they walked home together. "Come on Kat, give it a rest. I already made the bet. And besides," Josh said, putting his arm around Kat's waist, "we'll at least be together." Kat smiled and they walked on.

Friday night, Josh, Kat, and Duke arrived at the old Fisher place around 7:30."Come on, Josh, hurry up!" Duke said impatiently. Hand in hand, Josh and Kat opened the door and went in.

Inside the old house, the floors had grayed and the furniture was covered with dust. "Whoever lived here before sure left in a hurry!" Suddenly they heard a sound behind them. They turned and saw Old Man Fisher himself. "Hello children, welcome to me home." Both Josh and Kat screamed and made a running dash for the door, but the door was locked.

The next day at school, Josh and Kat walked up to Duke and said in unison, "We won the bet. You lose the bet. Goodbye, see you in the next life if not sooner. That was a dare to die for," and then they walked off.

"Wait a minute, what's that supposed to mean?" Duke looked for them in the crowd of students but they had disappeared. The bell rang and he went to class. As soon as every one was seated, the teacher got up from his desk and said, in a sorrowful voice, "Class, Josh Masant and Kat Tontling were killed at the old Fisher mansion last night." By then the teacher was crying and so was a lot of the class, while others wonder what happened.

Duke just sat there and said,"So that's what they meant"

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Dare to Die For

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Oct 05, 2008
by: thinspace

cheap and easy, i wouldent be suprised if that came from a five year olds mind!!!

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