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Comments for
Dad's Ghost, Mom's Heartbreak

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Jan 29, 2011
Eyes Don't Fool U
by: Anonymous

Love ones never leave you anytime you feel alone. My great grandmother past away years ago and when I visited her house I heard foot steps going down the hall, (my grandparents live there as well) and when I slept over, I felt a cold spot on my cheek and I heard my name called 2 times then she says, "You're never alone as I am here in your heart," in a German faded voice and smelled tea and powder, which was just like her.

I got freaked out and went to my grandparent's room and told them... They said they already knew! But I learned she never left me, even when we put her to rest.

This story tells love is so powerful.

Oct 15, 2010
I like this story
by: student

I really like your story, because it is close to my heart. Your story is not only scary about ghost. For me this story is about two people who lived together half a century. Our parents or grandparents generations were totally different. They were together a long time, also they respect each other a lot. Your parents were lucky to be together for long time. When I read your story I recalled a story that happened to my grandmother. My grandparents had been together until my grandfather died.

I remember the day when my grandfather passed away, it was very sad day. My grandmother cried. She prayed for him every night. She could not get to sleep. She missed him a lot. She could not find peace. Every night she called for him.

Four months later in the night before she started praying, she saw my grandfather. He stood in the doorway in her bedroom. She asked him why he looked sad. My grandfather told her "because you miss me too much I can not find peace." That was the last night when my grandmother went to sleep weeping.

Death is a terrible thing, but inevitable. Sometimes we can not say goodbye to the people whom we loved, and this is a big mistake. In my opinion maybe we do not let them go away.

Therefore why we see their ghost, but this is only my opinion.

Sep 20, 2010
Love After Death
by: Anonymous

This story really gives hope to people who have lost loved ones that they really are around and watching and to me that maybe there is more after death. We can only hope.

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