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LEFT for ghostsandstories.com

Couch giveaway

by Denise S.
(Olathe, KS)

Couch w/ orb

Couch w/ orb

OK, so I was taking a photo of our couch this evening to email to some friends because we are giving it away and purchasing a new couch. I have a NEW camera just purchased this week. It's a SONY DSC-W120 Cyber-Shot with 7.2 megapixels. We have taken several photos on this camera already with no anomalies. The photos taken after the "orb" photo also have no anomalies.

Upon taking the 1st couch photo, I initially saw the "orb" in the camera preview. I thought to myself "GREAT, how did i get something on my lens already?" I turned the camera around looked at the lens and did not see any specks, or water. At that moment it HIT ME...I might have just caught an ORB!!! I rushed to show my husband and we loaded the photo to the computer. Upon viewing the photo, I was struck by 2 things. 1. The orb is transparent, you can see the couch pattern behind the orb. Although I am no expert this logically indicates to me its not the "missing pixel" problem of digital cameras, and it's also not a reflective glare from dust, insects etc... ????
2. The orb appears to have a FACE inside of it. We both saw what appears the be a man's face with 2 eyes, a nose and mouth. The top of his head is on the upper right of the orb at what would be 1 o'clock and extends diagonally to the middle of the orb.

We have not experienced any "hauntings" or abnormal occurrences in our home. This was a totally innocent photo we were taking after discussing giving away the couch. We have lived here for 10+ years. I am curious to see what others think about what we captured. Orb? or explained camera glitch?

Thanks for your consideration!
Denise Schweiger
Email removed - live emails not allowed