Campfire Ghost Stories - The Girl With No Legs

(Northern Michigan)

I used to work at a very large arts camp that was originally a saw mill. I had many strange experiences there.

The first one happened at night after we took all the kids to a performance. One of the kids got sick and I was taking him back to the cabin. It was kind of rainy out, so we walked through the school instead of outside. The school is basically a very long hallway with about 20 classrooms on either side.

As we entered it from one end, the lights were out and just the exit signs lit up the hallway. At about halfway down, we saw what looked like a girl sitting in the dark. She saw us and started to crawl down the hall away from us and into a classroom. Being a counselor, I'm thinking, "Uh oh. unattended child"

So we quicken our pace to catch up with her. As we get closer, I realized that she was missing her legs. Yes I was freaked out, but I still have to assume she is a "lost camper." I finally get to the room where she disappeared into and I turned on the light. I called out to her and both the sick boy and I looked for her in that room, but it was completely empty.

The two of us went to the office to get more help while I took him too the cabin and waited with him. The next morning I went to the office to have a "briefing about last night." Several employees also tried to look for her but found no one. The owner of the camp then asked if I was sure the girl was missing legs. He then assured me that there were no children attending the camp with such a disability.

He then told me about the history of this camp. When the area was still a sawmill, one of the workers' daughters came to bring him lunch. She wandered around the sawmill and accidentally fell into a chipper. She died instantly and the mill closed down because the town was in such an uproar about the incident. Several years later, the camp bought the property and has been there ever since. Throughout the camps long history, there have been several sightings of this ghost girl.

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